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Experiment with a New Medium (Watercolor, Acrylic, Sumi-e, Pen Ink, Pencil, Collage)

Learn New Skills (Wash, "Dry Rub", "Paint Spatter", Sketching vs. Drawing, & much more) 

Express Yourself with Color (Mix, Blend, Layer, Change Value, & much more)


Explore a Variety Fine Art Concepts (Contrast, Perspective, Dynamic line, Creating Depth, Artful Composition, Expressing Intention, & much more)

All Ages & Skill Levels

Art Lessons with Michelle Cordova

Private Art Lessons for Individuals & Small Groups


4311 Attawa Ave (next door to Two Rivers Cider Co.)


Offerings & Investment:

$60 per person - 75 minute lesson, Up to Six Artists

How It Works:


1- Email me              

Decide which Offering is a good fit for you (Watercolor, Acrylic, Collage, Sketch, Ink/Sumi-e)


2- Schedule Lesson Dates


3- Pay to Reserve your Studio Time (Cash, Check, or Venmo)


4- Enjoy your Private Art Lessons!

Sketching with Sumi Ink

Sat August 20th

11:30a - 1:30p


10191 Mills Station Road

Sign up here

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Sumi Ink & Watercolor Sparrow Aug 2022.jpg

Sumi Ink & Watercolor Painting

Sun August 21st

11a - 2p

Sparrow Gallery

1021 R Street, First Floor

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Acylic with Michelle Cordova

Set some Creative Time aside for yourself.


Gain confidence in your fine art-making skills &

make Original Artwork you love.

Learn Painting, Drawing, & Color Use Fundamentals at a pace & level that fits your needs.

Schedule one lesson to try it out, 

or Schedule a Series of Lessons for a deeper dive.


Through your class I overcame many fears, my ego and then some...

I’m no longer frustrated with acrylics! - Janet B.

Michelle has a calm and patient approach that encourages beginning students to be adventurous in their painting, accompanied by a constructively critical eye to challenge the advancing student to improve their work. These classes are time and money well spent. - Bill S.

Learning New Fine Art Skills!

I love that you share your passion for art with my kids.

I would recommend you to any of my friends. - Charmaine M.

I feel that Mom is more likely to take risks in her art, thanks to her lessons with you. You are not only a talented artist, but a talented teacher. You are welcoming, positive, patient, supportive, and gear your lessons to your individual students’ needs. I have recommended you to my students and would recommend you to anyone.

- Lori W. on behalf of her Mom, Carol C.

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